Why A Master's Degree In PR?

I am proud to serve at NYU, as an adjunct professor in the School of Professional Studies, Masters of Science in Public Relations (PR) and Corporate Communications Program. I am often asked about the value of obtaining a master’s degree in PR. To address that question, I recently participated in a video that explains in detail, what’s so special about the PR & Corporate Communications master’s program at NYU.  

I am ecstatic to bring over a decade of knowledge to the dynamic and diverse student population of NYU. In the video below, I joined a few of my colleagues to discuss what the program means to us and its influence on the global marketplace as we teach the next generation of communication leaders. Check it out! 

P.S. Here are a few takeaways: 

  1. PR is a management tool in which one’s success or failure is dependent upon. With good PR you will succeed, with bad PR you will fail!

  2. You can use PR for public good by learning how to be an effective communicator.

  3. Innovation happens at the intersections of disciplines and NYU’s Masters of Science in Public Relations (PR) and Corporate Communications program uniquely brings together integrated marketing communications – the point where marketing and PR intersects (digital marketing, social and new media, intensive and strategic writing and campaigns, corporate presentations, specialized multichannel storytelling, editorial creation, communication ethics & more).

  4. PR management teaches one how to function through an organization and fit all of the pieces together; corporate communications elevates your company externally, and supports employees internally. 

  5. Strategic communications and communication planning happens through integrated campaigns, learning from experts in the field, and applying real world experience.

  6. PR pros need to have the ability to learn and adapt quickly, know how to apply daily communication advances, and incorporate news in a global landscape.