It’s Never Too Late To Incorporate Resolutions

Simple Resolutions to Enhance Life and Restore the Soul


Date Yourself At Least Once a Week! It’s always the right time to rediscover what makes you happy and what you truly enjoy. Take yourself out and do it often.

Whether it be a fitness challenge, pampered spa day,  facial, massage, ballgame, dinner at a fine restaurant, a night out on the town dancing or karaoke from the comfort of your home -- go for it. From a monthly weekend getaway to a staycation, splurge on yourself as you probably already do it for others more than you realize. Learn your city, there’s always a new restaurant or hotspot.

Becoming more familiar with yourself, fosters more- time for goal setting.  Date yourself and others will want to do the same.

Be a Student of the Game of Life & Never Stop Learning. There is a negative stigma about asking questions, however, one old school way to make a good impression is to remain a student of the game (whatever game you’re looking to win), by asking smart questions. In order to continuously learn and grow you must be inquisitive. People always respect scholars and those who yearn for knowledge.

Volunteer. Never take for granted the multiple benefits of volunteering. By doing so, you’re opening a door to provide expertise and guidance. Moreover, you're earning respect and building new relationships.

Be Empathetic and willing to compromise. I am often asked how I progressed in my career, and my response usually is that I was willing to compromise and perform tasks that are outside of my traditional scope and responsibilities. Rise to the challenge and take advantage of every good opportunity that comes your way.

By Doing So You’re Giving and Preparing to Receive. All relationships should be mutually beneficial. Every relationship, should be “give” and “take.” In fact, one of my mentees recommended me for my current graduate teaching role at NYU. Give and you will receive. Always remember, what goes around comes around.

Performance and Relationship Currency. This is an old school trait that I learned from one of my sheroes, Carla Harris, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Morgan Stanley. “Performance Currency,” is generated by you going above and beyond what’s asked of you. On the contrary, “Relationship Currency,” is generated in the investments you make in the people in your environment. It's imperative that people of influence know who you’re. Invest in relationships because your success will quite often depend on someone else’s opinion of you.

Differentiate. Stand out from the crowd by being different and by thinking for yourself, aloud. It is ok to respectfully rewrite the rules and let the desires of your heart be known. Our greatest gift is the uniqueness that we each possess.

Goal Setting. Identify a realistic resolution or annual goal for yourself and perhaps have someone join along.  Life gets busy, but when you set goals, you’ll be more inclined to make it happen -- and working with a friend can be a great motivator.