June 2017 Reflections

June has truly been a month of personal new beginnings. This month, I learned that patience is key and a virtue indeed. Life has taught me that time produces great rewards and I am proud to announce that I have joined FCB Global, where our company mantra is “Never Finished!” We produce never finished work, because we can always do better, and together as a team we think of what's next in advertising, marketing, storytelling and innovation. At FCB, we collectively are always a work in progress looking both back and forward to determine what's out there and what's there to be discovered. I personally strive to be a work in progress because it's empowering to think about the future and having a stake in crafting a message to impact others, so without a doubt FCB is the place for me!

Looking forward to the next half of the year, I will strive to “become.” The essence of “becoming” should be constant -- because we all can become better at something in our lives knowing that there's more time to be beneficial to others, start new and most importantly grow. People are beautiful creatures that can change. Though it is not easy, we are all able to change if we put our minds to it. Nothing can come between someone who is set on success; they will make a way out of no way.

My grandfather, Walter Simpson, was born in 1917 in segregated Augusta, Georgia and was Founder and designer of “House of Walter Leather and Suede” Couture Clothing. He was also an alumnus of Eastern Michigan University and Howard University and lived well into his 80s. To this day, I clearly remember him telling me new about goals that he made -- it could be as simple as a fitness goal (he was always looking to increase his weights at the gym), or a career goal of designing a custom made garment for an influencer. I was so impressed that regardless of his phenomenal success as a Black man born in a pivotal time in our country, even in his later years he wanted to contribute more. My grandfather wanted every day to count towards being a better version of himself.

In order to enlarge your territory and grow, I believe you must be grateful for what you've been through, what you have and know who you strive to become.

As the first half the 2017 comes to a close, I am so grateful for my journey. Looking back at the first half of this year, I have made time to volunteer as a member of Iona College’s Alumni Board, as well as give additional time to my graduate students whom I have the honor or teaching at NYU and The College of New Rochelle. My graduate students honestly teach me as much as I teach them. It's the most rewarding job I could ever ask for, to sew into the lives of others and have them do the same in return. So far this year has been filled with great moments, challenges and awesome surprises and I'm humbled by it all.

Today, I am reminding myself to create new goals and I am setting time on my calendar to do so. I must admit, if it's not on my cal, it doesn't happen. :)