READ & LISTEN: Seven Techniques to Increase Success

The desire for success creates a great appetite to take action. Below are steps to take your dreams out of park and into drive.

1.     Have the yearn for knowledge

There is power and strength in feeding one’s mind. Learning and personal development increases aptitude, deepens skills, boosts confidence, increases financial success and social awareness. Education creates a better quality of life and should be a constant practice.

2.     Create a personal vision statement and mission statement

A vision statement and mission statement serve two different distinct functions. Both statements are lively, not static and may evolve overtime. Tracking personal progress is without a doubt easier with a roadmap.  

A vision statement speaks to your future and answers the question, “If I were to achieve my personal goals, what would my world look like?” This provides as an image of what you aspire your future to be.

A mission statement is your personal “how-to,” outlining functions by which your vision will be lived. It describes what you do and your overall intention. Your tangible detail-oriented mission statement summarizes the process in which your visionwill be accomplished.  Moreover, your mission statement keeps you on track with your goal and communicates your direction.

3. Think Strategically

Strategic thinking defines what you think about and access in your free time. With your vision and mission statement top of mind it is easier to figure out what you need to do to accomplish your goals and achieve your dreams.

4. Hustle!

In every positive form of the word hustle – aggressively be a go-getter and innovative, invent new avenues for yourself, approach tasks creatively, discover new opportunities for growth and strive to be enterprising. Hustle to both get the ball and score.

5. Have a team

It is vital to have a team and most importantly be a person who people want to play with. Be uniquely yourself, distinctive, knowledgeable, contribute often, represent well and always show your strength and your team will indeed do the same.

What should your team look like?

Your team should include people of influence and power.

What do you do for your personal team?

Give them updates on your growth, but also see how they are doing. Hear something interesting about their company? Do they have personal news – a promotion, celebration, industry update or a cool current event they are linked to? Let them know what you think about it and offer yourself up for assistance – what goes around comes around. Give and you will receive.

Who should be on your team?

A mentor is necessary to guide your direction based on your personal mission and vision. Your mentor does not have to be in the same exact industry or field as you and even though their journey might be different from the course you are on, your mentor has climbed their own hills with the badge to prove it.

A sponsor will promote and refer you by speaking to your skills, commitment and attributes when you are not even around. By singing your praises, they will elevate you personally and professionally.

Also on your team you should have a true and reliable friend who does what you do or endeavor to do and will be honest, forthcoming, and encouraging. They say your network is like a bank and in order to reap the benefits, you must have already made a deposit into your personal account. Withdraws are dependent upon your contribution.

There’s no exact science to building a team, but there are tactics that assist in the process of building your network: find common denominators, interests and identify benefits for all parties involved.

6. Be audacious, enjoy yourself and have fun

New opportunities will fall into your lap when you are having the time of your life. Be adventurous, travel, dance, smile and do things you will be talking about for generations to come. Great ideas unexpectedly come when you give your brain a rest.

7. Show and tell

Organically brand yourself and without being boastful let people know what you are doing and how you are doing it. Achievements are praised specifically when delivered in a sincere and authentic way. Some of the most effective influencers typically divulge their keys to success.

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